A guy with unkempt hair is transformed into a handsome man

Arron McCall is 41 years old, and he lives in Peoria, Illinois. The program Good Morning America recently gave him the surprise of his life.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

Despite the fact that Arron felt good about his shaggy appearance resembling that of a prehistoric man, his wife Kelly decided it was time for her husband to say goodbye to his neglected, unkempt look, so she entered him into the program entitled Transform My Boyfriend. The stylists of the show needed only an hour to transform the shaggy-haired, bearded bloke into a handsome man who could compete in looks with any male model.

Arron wasn’t allowed to see what was happening to him during the conversion; he was faced with his new appearance only in the front of the TV viewers and his wife. Kelly was too happy to find a new-old husband, and she immediately gave a quick hug and a kiss to his attractive man.

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