A few tricks to find the ripest melons in the marketplace

Choosing a ripe, juicy watermelon is not an easy task. Here are some useful tricks that will prove very useful.

If you feel like buying a melon, you can choose the perfect specimen by its mature mellow fragrance. Experts say that we should smell the fruit at the stem as the easiest way to decide.

When buying a watermelon, it is the best to choose stripy ones, as fewer of them are unripe. However, it is good to know that the skin of dark green watermelons is thinner.

If both the stem of the watermelon and its other end are dry, it means that the fruit has ripened under natural conditions.

If you discover some small blemishes on the watermelon, this may be a good sign, as light brown spots are often the result of an elevated sugar content.

Knock the watermelon! If you hear a hollow sound, the fruit is ripe.

If you press the two end points of the melon simultaneously, you should hear a faint cracking sound if the melon is mature.

It is advisable to choose a larger specimen of striped watermelon, as these are more mature.

Melons, if allowed to stand for a few days, will ripen further. In contrast, watermelons won’t turn riper once picked. The latter may be kept several days if uncut; however once cut, it should be consumed within a maximum of two days.

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