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A few people noticed a goat hanging from a cable. What they did is absolutely exemplary

When we hear about animal rescue in difficult situations, we usually think of dogs, cats or birds. In the following video, however, the animal in distress is a goat. 

Goats are very brave animals that don’t hesitate to climb steep cliffs or even trees. The goat in the video had an unfortunate accident as it took a risky jump, and its horns got tangled in some communication cables at a considerable height.

When they noticed the animal hanging about six meters above the road, several people joined forces and formed a rescue team. They needed long ladders to help the goat.

Initially they tried to use a rope ladder which one of the rescuers pulled up while the others pushed to get it close to the goat. Although they managed to position the ladder under the belly of the goat, due to the weight of the ladder the first attempt failed. The ladder fell on one of the trees, and the rescuers had to change their plan.

One of them climbed the ladder and tried to tie a rope to one of the hind legs of a goat. Of course, the animal was extremely scared and resisted this operation. Once its leg was tied, two of the rescuers pulled down the rope, and the goat glided down.

When they managed to bring the goat down, the rescuers freed its horns. They all applauded the success as the goat ran away. The locals deserve all due respect for their presence of mind and for their helpfulness.