A box of crayons is transformed into something that would look great on any table

This movie teaches us step by step how to make candles that may be the main source of light at a romantic dinner or a wonderful gift for our loved ones. We all rejoice whenever we receive gifts that make our home environment even more beautiful and bring new splashes of color into our house. Of these, decorative candles always find a special place on any table.


The materials needed to create such wonders are readily available, and their costs are minimal. A few glasses, wicks, some plastic containers and a box of wax crayons are all we need to start working.

First place a cotton wick into each cup, then break the pencils into pieces. Once you divide them by colors, place them into the plastic containers and then pour soy wax flakes into each cup. To obtain a liquid composition, heat the cups for about 2 and a half minutes in the microwave.

All that is left to do is to mix the contents of each glass well and the candles are ready. Creativity and originality play a great part in how you combine the colors, but the results are always very special.

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