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A 5 year old girl sings with pathos “You Raise Me Up”. Her performance gives you shivers

Children always have sensitive and emotional voices, and those who listen are fascinated by their innocence and naturalness. Celine Tam is a girl of only five years from China who amazes us with her ​​impeccable voice at a young age. She possesses great vocal techniques and interpretation of musical registers can address high, showing a spectacular voice range.


The song “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban interpreted by Celine showcases her great voice. The girl’s father, Steve Tam, was the one who believed in the talent of his daughter, encouraging her to sing songs that were real difficult for her age. In fact we can see in the video how the audience connects, helping her to interpret this piece with passion and virtuosity.

Her mother has the biggest thrills and keeps her fingers crossed for the little Celine. When the girl’s voice reaches the highest intensity, the audience stands up and applauds her for a long time. To answer to this appreciation, Celine makes a bow and, like every happy child, she flies a kiss to the audience.

We have no doubt that we will hear the name of this adorable girl at major international competitions for interpretation. She totally deserves this.