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9 illnesses that can be cured with the aid of buckthorn

The very high antioxidant and vitamin C content makes sea buckthorn one of the most important berries. It is recommended to consume it at least during late autumn and winter to fight off wintertime viruses. If possible, it should be included in the diet all year round, as it contains a number of essential vitamins and minerals.

9 illnesses that can be cured with the aid of buckthorn
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Buy fresh sea buckthorn in season, and prepare it for the winter. Place 500 g of crushed sea buckthorn berries into a 1 liter jar and fill the jar to the brim with honey. Be sure to store the jar in the refrigerator.

Every morning, eat one tablespoon sea buckthorn before breakfast. You can squeeze out the juice, but you can also mix it with yogurt or make buckthorn tea.

1. To fight colds

Sea buckthorn keeps viruses at bay, so you can easily prevent colds and flu if you consume it regularly. It also soothes coughs and sore throats, and helps in cases of severe respiratory diseases, even including pneumonia.

2 To regulate blood pressure

Sea buckthorn regulates the functioning of the heart, and it also has a good effect on blood pressure and vascular health.

3. To prevent atherosclerosis

Sea buckthorn contributes to maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels and helps prevent the appearance of blood clots. Those who struggle with cardiovascular disease or heart problems should consume sea buckthorn regularly.

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4. To regenerate the liver

In case of cirrhosis or hepatitis, it is recommended to consume juice extracted from fresh sea buckthorn berries. In such cases the patient should avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, salt, sugar, foods with high fat content and oily or fried food.

9 illnesses that can be cured with the aid of buckthorn

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5. To regenerate the skin

Sea buckthorn regenerates the skin fast, so sea buckthorn oil is recommended to treat burns, injuries, cuts and surgery scars. Gently massage the oil into the skin several times a day. Sea buckthorn oil can also be used as a facial mask. Allow it to stand on your skin for 15 minutes, and then wash it off.

6. To fight anemia

Because of its very high in iron and vitamin C content, it is recommended to consume as much sea buckthorn as possible in case of anemia.

7. To reduce the symptoms of depression

In cases of chronic fatigue, depression and stress, sea buckthorn restores the body’s balance. Mix it with a small amount of honey and eat one or two tablespoons in the morning.

8. To fight infections

If an infection has attacked your body, consume sea buckthorn regularly. This is the easiest way to to get rid of the infection in an effective and healthy way.

9 illnesses that can be cured with the aid of buckthorn
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9. In case of infertility

Take 30 drops of sea buckthorn oil twice daily, as it stimulates hormone production.