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8+1 reasons to include coconuts in your diet

It is not without a reason that coconut tree is called the tree of life. We mostly eat coconut in cookies or chocolate, and few of us know about its many benefits on our body and on our overall performance. According to the Ayurveda, coconut cures 99 illnesses, and every single part of the tree can be made into useful things. In every form, coconut greatly benefits the body. Eating it fresh fills us up with energy; coconut water makes our skin shiny; coconut milk regulates our digestion; and finally, coconut oil serves the health of our hair.

1. Coconut milk contains lots of phosporus, an efficient bone strengthener. Over 50 years of age, many people suffer from joint pains and inflammations. Drinking coconut water prevents the pain, and coconut milk fights osteoporosis. Coconut milk is in fact obtained from soaking and pressing the flesh of the fruit. To reach the flesh, usually bought in grocery stores in a grated form, the fruit has to be broken in pieces first. The taste of fresh coconut is similar to that of walnuts. The brown membrane than covers the flesh doesn’t need to be removed.

2. Consuming coconuts can prevent anemia, as it helps restoring iron deposits in the body. Both in its natural form and as a milk, it increases hemoglobin levels and red blood cell count.

3. Coconut is very rich in magnesium and calcium, both having a beneficial effect on neurological problems, and they help release the strain in muscles. Those whose work involves lots of sitting can especially benefit from regularly eating coconuts.

4. Because of its high potassium content, coconut reduces high blood pressure.

5. Coconut is rich in alimentary fibers, which makes it a favorite among dieters, as it helps losing weight. For this purpose, coconut water and coconut milk are the most efficient. Coconuts also contain a high amount of triglicerids, thus reducing the risk of obesity. After a certain age, many women suffer from abdominal obesity; raw coconut may ba a good solution to this problem.

6. Coconut strengthens the immune system, prevents viral infections, and it offers a significant protection against common cold and coughing.

7. It speeds up metabolism and it is exceptionally energising. If you feel exhausted, you should consume coconuts regularly.

8. In the summer, coconut water prevents the body from dehydration.

9. Coconut contains 92% saturated fats. It can be used in cooking any food, as it has a neutral taste. Coconut also can be used in hair and skin care, in treating various kidney problems, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Because of its antioxidant properties, coconut can be used to dimish stress and to prevent premature aging and various cancerous diseases.