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8 signs that you badly need some rest

On your first day at work after a holiday you might find yourself dreaming of where to go on vacation next time. Work is often a major stress in our lives that we fight unconsciously all the time. However, there are several physical signs that really show you need more rest.

Here are the eight most common signs

1. Headaches

Frequent headaches may suggest that you need to take a break from work. Too much work can often cause mild or even severe headaches as well as neck and eye pain. What’s more, stress can lead to migraines.

2. Digestion problems

When your brain has been working for a long time at full speed, your digestive tract will also suffer. Actually, too much work has a shock effect on the digestive system. The most common consequence is irritable bowel syndrome, often associated with stomach pain.

3. Common colds

Stress increases your heart rate and speeds up your blood circulation. The increased blood pressure may cause a weakening of the immune system, which may lead to frequent colds.

4. Weight problems

Too much stress can often result in sudden weight gain. This is due to an increase in the hormone cortisol, which may result in binge eating. Too much carbohydrate-rich food may lead to sudden weight gain.

5. Stomachaches

We’ve already mentioned that your digestive tract is also affected by stress. Stomach pain and nausea may indicate that it’s time to stop working too hard.

6. Exhaustion

If you find that even performing daily routines start becoming a problem and you feel sleepy all the time, these symptoms may be related to fatigue caused by too intensive work.

7. Chest pain

Stress-induced chest pain is often of neurological origin, and is unrelated to any heart problems. If you often experience stinging pain in your chest, first try to relax. Remember, though, that stress can cause heart failure, so be sure to consult your doctor if you suspect you might have heart problems.

8. Decreased sexual activity

The exhausted brain doesn’t produce enough sexual hormones, so some people may lose their desire for sex. If you or your partner experiences this type of problem, remember that a good rest will restore everything.