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7 tricks to make any tea taste heavenly

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the winter, not only because it feels so great to drink a cup of hot tea in freezing weather, but also because it helps prevent colds.

Below are some of the mistakes you can make when making a typical English tea and tips on how to make delicious English tea!

1. Boiling the water

The temperature of the water is very important. When the water starts bubbling, remove the pot from the heat immediately.

2. Soaking

The secret of a good tea is soaking the tea filter for 3 minutes. You don’t need to squeeze the filter.

3. Remove the filter

Be sure to remove the filter from the water after 3 minutes, as the tea will become too strong.

7 tricks to make any tea taste heavenly

4. Sugar

According to the English, if you have added a spoonful of sugar to your tea, you mustn’t put the spoon back into the tea, because the tea spoon soils the sugar. Either use a separate spoon that you don’t immerse in the tea or pour the sugar into the tea and then stir it.

5. Milk

If you want English tea, you need to add milk to black tea. Never use milk that comes in small plastic cans or condensed milk. According to the English, only semi-skimmed milk goes well with tea.

6. Watch the order

First pour tea into the cup and then add milk. The order is very important! If you fill the cup in the wrong order, the tea will not have the proper color.

7 tricks to make any tea taste heavenly

7. Never microwave

Drink the tea while it is hot. It is forbidden, even considered a sacrilege according to the English, to heat it up in the microwave.