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7 things I have learned not to tolerate in a relationship

There are several things I have learned in my previous relationships, and once I learned them I swore that I would never accept them in a relationship with a man. Our life experiences help us identify the mistakes we have made so far, and once we have learned these we know what behavior we shouldn’t tolerate from our partner. Below, I have listed seven things that I have decided never again to accept.

7 things I have learned not to tolerate in a relationship
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1. To be told something negative about my body

Yes, my shoulders are quite broad for a person of my height, but so what? I love my body for what it does for me and for the way it looks like. I can’t believe I

suffered so much in the past making myself feeling guilty and believing those who couldn’t love me.

2. My anxiety to be used as an excuse for manipulation

I acknowledge that I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, but if somebody tries to play this fact out against me as a way of manipulation and tries to throw the guilt on me, I will say goodbye.

3. Refusal to communicate

Honestly, I am sick and tired of men who are not able to communicate and to have mature discussions about problems they encounter, or we encounter together. Before I suffered, I felt guilty, I sent messages and tried to make up with them. From now I will be the one who keeps the door closed and asks them to leave. I got tired of emotionally immature people.

7 things I have learned not to tolerate in a relationship
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4. To become a substitute for his mom

Of course I like to look after my significant other, and I love it. But there is a huge difference between giving and receiving care, attention and love and being the only on the giver’s side. This is why I grew tired of men who expect me to be their second mom. I will look after you when you don’t feel well, but I don’t believe it’s fair of you to take advantage of my caring instinct.

5. To be compared with other women

This one is truly revolting. My dear, if you love the style of that girl, if you like her hobbies and believe that she’s better than I am, then you have all the reasons to date her and not to ask me to change. Now that I have become conscious of this thing, I have promised myself that I won’t let anybody bring up others as role models and demand that I change so I become more like them.

6. To be forced to resign to my friends

Do you know what my future partner needs to understand? These friends have been beside me in good times and bad times. This means that I want to continue to respect them and I’m not going to exclude them from my life for anything in the world, and I’m not going to permit anyone to talk negatively about them.

7 things I have learned not to tolerate in a relationship
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7. To be made guilty for my past

Yes, I am sure I made mistakes and choices in the past I’m not proud of. But then, all of us did. And whatever may happen, there is nothing that would justify to be made to feel guilty for things that happened in my past. Honestly I’m proud of what I have become today and I don’t need confirmation from anybody. And if I got where I am because of my mistakes, I’m also proud of my mistakes.