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7 secrets of astrology you need to know

Astrological phenomena are, in general, complicated and difficult to understand. Yet, there are some little secrets that you should know to get help when you make our important decisions.

Let’s look at some secrets of astrology that may change our lives in certain cases.

1. You can always start it all over at new moon!

Each time the moon enters the New Moon phase, you can start a new life as well. You can get started on your planned new projects, or finish already started or abandoned work. This is a good time to make new plans and to implement them. It is also the right time to get rid of bad habits, such as smoking, or to start a new diet to improve your health.

2. Change your hairdo

If you cut our hair before the New Moon, it will grow and regenerate much faster. According to some stylists, even the most stubborn type of hair is easier to comb and style than usual.

7 secrets of astrology you need to know

3. Do not make big investments when Mercury is regressing

During this period, you have to be wary in every area of your ​​life, as the regression of Mercury may affect communication and may cause a misinterpretation of your statements, which can lead to tensions. That is exactly why astrologers do not recommend important business negotiations, buying a home or a car at this time, in order to avoid unnecessary conflict situations.

4. Important events occur every 12 years in our lives

When Jupiter enters in our astral map similarly to the day of our birth, we can have special experiences. This pleasant event usually occurs every 12 years, and at this time we enjoy great opportunities in our love, career or finances.

5. Never make important decisions at a lunar eclipse

Whether a solar or a lunar eclipse is under way, always refrain from making important decisions at this time. Astral energies can block the path to your goals and the obstacles can be overcome only with great difficulty.

6. Lay low on Tuesdays and Saturdays

On these days, it is not advisable to get married or to undertake important commitments, as you may find yourself in a conflict situation very soon.

7 secrets of astrology you need to know

7. When you see a shooting star, make a wish

The sight of shooting stars dazzled mankind since ancient times, although there was a time when disasters and death were attributed to them. It is thought that only those who are worthy of this beautiful sight can see it, as by sending shooting stars the Universe tells them to enjoy the beauty of life. In this belief, shooting stars become the symbol of hope, rebirth and blessings.