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7 Planet Earth videoclips that took us off our feet

After 10 years, David Attenborough’s legendary nature film series continues. The six part series were broadcast by BBC last November.

7 Planet Earth videoclips that took us off our feet

The new episodes were all exciting, hilarious and breathtaking. We tried to collect the most beautiful clips from the series.

1. The great leguan chase

You would probably never have thought that a leguan being chased by snakes can be a more exciting scene than any action movie. Only on YouTube, the following video was watched by 8 million people in several weeks.

2. The reaction of the capybara when a jaguar attacks a cayman

It is not a very well known fact that jaguars like eating caymans. But it seems that the friendly capybaras are not used to such horrific sights.

3. The funniest lizard on earth

The lizard was featured in the desert episode of the series, and it conquered the hearts of the watchers. Enjoy the disco king of the desert.


4. Dancing

The scratching bears were featured in the part of the series presenting mountain habitats. All they wanted to do is to scratch their backs but the result is very funny for an onlooker, especially with the music background.

5. This very determined fox

If your next prey is hiding under untouched snow, you need to extract it somehow. The fox tried several times until he managed to catch his dinner.


6. The jumping festival of birds

Long-tailed widow finch males try to conquer their ladies in a very special way. They have a hopping contest, and the bird that can stay on its feet for the longest time will get the lady of his dreams.

7. The giraffe escape

Probably not as breathtaking as the leguan chase, but the fight between the giraffe and the attacking lion is also an exciting sight, especially because our long-necked friend comes out as the winner.