6 UNIQUE and EASY photography DIY ghifts

It is the easiest thing to go to the store and buy a gift to a loved one. However, you will probably agree that it is much nicer to give and receive handmade gifts, because these are unique and express the special tie between you and a friend or family member. Now we are going to present six original craft ideas with beautiful results.

Photo on wood

You will need a photo, a sheet of wood, iron and adhesive tape. Place the photo upside down on the sheet of wood and fasten it with the adhesive tape. Iron the photo to transfer the image onto the sheet of wood.

For a similar version, you will need decoupage glue, matte acrylic glue, a photo, a sheet of wood, a brush and a piece of cloth. Brush a layer of matte glue onto the sheet of wood and place on the photo with the image down. Smooth out the photo and allow it to dry for eight hours. Rub the photo lightly with the piece of cloth to remove the layer of paper, and then cover the image with decoupage glue.


You will need adhesive tape, a lampshade and a photo on transparent paper. Place the photo around the lampshade and fasten it with tape.


You will need a candle, adhesive tape, an old photo reel and a transparent candleholder. Place the candle in the candleholder and wrap the photo reel around the candleholder. Fasten with adhesive tape.

Unique lantern

You will need a lantern, adhesive tape, a candle and a photo on transparent paper. Cut the photo into four pieces depending on the size of the lantern. Attach the pieces onto the windows of the lantern and fasten with adhesive tape. The lantern will look impressive in the dark.

Magic light

You will need a hair dryer, a candle, wax paper and a photo. Cut out a piece of wax paper. Wrap the candle in the photo and then in the wax paper. Warm up the candle with the hairdryer until the wax starts melting. Remove the wax paper.

You can create these objects fast and without great cost. Don’t forget to share these ideas if you like them!

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