5 incredible hotels that really resemble Heaven

If you won a lot of money, you would probably stay in not one, but all of these hotels.

1. Grand Hotel Timeo, Sicily


The sight speaks for itself. Grand Hotel Timeo is situated in the village called Taormina.

2. Lion Sands, South Africa


A nice safari, a nice dinner, a quaint environment and candle light. Can you ask for more?

3. Gritti Palace, Venice


The luxurious hotel is situated in the center of Venice, across Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. If you like water, this place is just for you!

4. Aqua Dome, Austria


This sight is very different from the previous one. Those visitors are expected here who love mountains and fresh air. In the swimming pools, pleasant temperature alpine water awaits those who desire to relax, and the sunset, combined with some champagne, is a real treat for everyone.

5. Viceroy Hotel, Bali


If you want some peace and quiet, choose Bali. Just lie around for two weeks, listen to the birds and watch the greenery to recharge your batteries.

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