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5 foods that help detoxifying the liver

The health of the entire body is strictly related to the health of the liver and its capacity to eliminate toxins. Because food we consume is often loaded with dangerous substances, it is important to you’re your liver cleanse your body and to maintain the optimal functioning of your immune system. Fortunately, you are able to cleanse your liver and helping it to detoxify your body by choosing appropriate foods to eat.

Below, we have listed 5 foods you can rely on for this purpose.

Photo: Wikimedia.org
Photo: Wikimedia.org

1. Avocado

Avocado protects and restores the liver. Research studies concluded that consuming 2-3 avocadoes per week stimulates the self-cleansing function of the liver and makes a positive difference in its functioning.

Source: Christine Vaufrey/Flickr.com
Source: Christine Vaufrey/Flickr.com

2. Garlic

This super food not only fights infections and stimulates the immune system, but it is also one of the most potent liver purifying foods due to its sulfur content, which activates the liver enzymes responsible for eliminating toxins from the body. Another fact that shouldn’t be ignored is that garlic contains allicin and selenium, both being responsible for the health of the liver.

Source: Howard Walfish/Flickr.com
Source: Howard Walfish/Flickr.com

3. Curcuma (turmeric)

Curcuma plays a very important role in eliminating carcinogen substances we ingest day after day, thus protecting the liver. Similarly, this plant stimulates the regeneration of liver cells.

Source: Michael Porter/Flickr.com
Source: Michael Porter/Flickr.com

4 and 5. Lemon and lime

If you drink a glass of lukewarm water with some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice added to it right after waking up in the morning, you significantly ameliorate the health of your liver. The reason is that this combination stimulates the production of enzymes that help detoxification.