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5 acts of “kindness” your man will not appreciate

Nowadays, the roles of men and women are becoming more and more blurred, but there are some long-established, well-functioning habits, deeply ingrained in the male or female psyche which should better be preserved for the sake of a well-functioning relationship.

5 acts of “kindness” your man will not appreciate

For example, as a woman you should never try to impress your partner with the following:

1. Helping him with his finances

Even if a man complains that he does not have enough money, you do not need to start looking for a second job for him. Allow him to manage his own financial affairs; if you try to take control, he will feel demasculinized, and will not learn how to manage his own finances.

2. Buying him expensive gifts

Usually it is men who demonstrate their love with expensive gifts. Do not try to take over this typically masculine role, as men are usually not impressed if they receive a very expensive gift. Instead, provide him a welcoming home, comfort, safety, harmony, cook his favorite food, and just be alluring and feminine.

3. Trying to solve his problems

Most men do not like to talk about their problems, so you should not try to force your partner to tell you about things that bother him. Instead, allow him to retreat and find his own solutions. However, if he is interested in your opinion or asks for help, make sure that you support him as much as you can. Your man must feel that he can always come to you if he needs help, and can always trust you.

5 acts of “kindness” your man will not appreciate

4. Being a know-it-all

Men do not appreciate women who always try to demonstrate how knowledgeable they are. You can give a man advice, but should let him take responsibility; otherwise his self-confidence will suffer.

5. Trying to motivate him at all costs

Do not give a man motivational books, do not buy him a gym pass and tell him how to live a more positive life. Do not try to persuade him to commit to a healthy lifestyle, because nagging will only cause tension and constant arguing. Rather, live an exemplary life, be balanced, healthy and happy, and sooner or later he will be compelled to follow your example.