21 years ago, Patrick Swayze danced with his wife and moved millions of people to tears since

As part of the sixth edition of “World Music Awards” held in Monte Carlo in 1994, Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi gave a dance performance of rare delicacy. The chemistry between the couple was evident in the passion and grace in this dream choreography.


On the background of the song “The Man That I Need” by the late Whitney Houston, the two dancers arefloating like angels. Their dance steps, arm movements and impeccable stage presence give a touch of expressiveness and originality to the entire performance.

The love that united the couple in a marriage of 34 years and their shared passion for dance made this romantic moment absolutely unique. The depth of the song and the message of the lyrics are harmoniously intertwined with an amazing choreography.

Both Patrick and his wife show exceptional ballet skills and they sync their dance steps perfectly. We will never forget this wonderful late artist who combined his acting and dancing careers, delighting us with many memorable roles in movies that are now considered as great classics.

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