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17 tips to become the best entrepreneur possible in 2017

Have you decided that 2017 will be your year and you will achieve everything you want? Allow us to give you 17 pieces of advice so your success can be complete.

17 tips to become the best entrepreneur possible in 2017
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1. Quality. The best way to find new clients is to be recommended by existing clients. Give 100% quality in your services, and you can be sure that the news about your excellence will spread fast.

2. Trends. There are very harsh rules governing the business world, and if you don’t learn to be firm, you will be used, cheated and pushed over. Don’t forget however that firmness is not the same as having no manners.

3. Follow-up. In order to create long-term business relationships with your partners, you need to keep in touch with them. Don’t allow your relationships to die. Invite your clients to your events and write them thank you letters after you meet them.

4. Communication. Be present on every Internet platform possible and upload relevant content regularly.

5. References. Your credibility is going to be the basis of your references. Learn to communicate how great you are and what important companies have trusted you with solving their issues.

6. Mission. Mission is the set of values that would be written on the flag, if your company had a flag. This will be the answer to the question of why one should choose you.

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7. Your own plan. Start planning the trajectory of your business. This will be the only way to decide which project will move your plans forward and which won’t.

8. Choose your prices wisely. If you are good, why should you be cheap? Cheap service makes everybody suspicious.

9. First impression. People usually judge fast and without much thought. This is why you should watch what you show of yourself. A friendly and approachable person is chosen the quickest to work with.

10. Be prepared. You have to be ready in the right moment. Can you sell yourself in one minute? Can you convince people why you are the best? If your answer is yes, you are prepared.

11. Negotiations. You need to learn how to use possibilities offered by your negotiations. Don’t allow discussions to turn into a waste of time. Be firm and represent your own case.

12. Learn how to handle excuses. While conducting your business, you will encounter various obstacles and excuses which you have to be prepared for. If you can immediately disperse doubts, your chances for success will grow significantly.

17 tips to become the best entrepreneur possible in 2017
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13. Foresight. Always think ahead; continuously look for new projects which you will work on once your current work is done.

14. Reinvest. You make your own income but you mustn’t forget about creating a basis for future income. Reinvest some of your earnings.

15. Flexibility. It is important that your income model rests on more than one pillars. You always need to have a plan B to resort to if necessary.

16. Growth. Have a plan for growth. Reach more clients or consider geographical expansion. Big plans are good plans.

17. Harmony. Your enterprise is for you, and not the other way. Don’t forget that the best part of life is freedom, and don’t lose your freedom for any reason.