12-second practice for perfectly flat stomach

According to yoga instructor Cat Haayen, the following 12 seconds exercise is the best and easiest method to burn the fat pads off one’s stomach, and then build an impressive six-pack. The exercise also improves posture which means that the spine will be happy as well.

The video shows the abdominal and back muscle exercise:

– Lie on your back, with your arms wide open. Rest your palms on the floor.

– Lift your feet into a 45-degree angle and start departing and closing them, touching together your big toes and heels.

– Pull up your knees, and tilt them to left and right.

– Finish the exercise by touching your toes and heels together again several times.

If your waist hurts or you have problems with your spine, be sure to consult a specialist before you start the exercise.

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