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10 things you face if you prefer to get up late

Have you ever felt that you were judged negatively because your biological clock is set differently than those of early risers? You are not alone, you know. This article is dedicated to those who find it a challenge to get up early, and suffer a lot after the spring time shift.


1. No matter how hard you try to get used to getting up early, it simply doesn’t work. After many years, you still find it difficult to pull yourself together when the alarm rings, and you press snooze at least twice every morning.

2. Coffee is your best friend. There was a time when you wanted to quit – you still remember that awful day when you dragged yourself around all day half-unconscious, and the world seemed like an incomprehensible, whirling chaos.

Fotó: Flickr.com
Fotó: Flickr.com

3. Your early riser friends are bugging you because, according to them, you waste the valuable morning hours so suitable to do fun and useful things. Can’t they understand that sleeping is also a valuable activity?

4. If you must wake up early, your perfectly confused biological rhythm doesn’t allow you to perform even basic functions properly. You can barely breathe AND focus on coordinating your movements at the same time. That’s why you bump into everything, and every object falls out of your hands.


5. Your family has learned to be patient with you in the mornings. Your workmates know better than to try and speak with you before 11 a.m.

6. For you, the most challenging part of having children is that you have to get up early every.single.day. You love your offspring as long as they are so small and cute, but you sometimes wish they were grown up and mind their own business instead of waking you up by jumping up and down on your bed. Mommy would just love to snooze a little more, sweetheart!

7. At weekends you try to catch up with everything that cruel fate prevents you to do during weekdays – meaning that you sleep in if you can, preferably until early in the afternoon.


8. You boast to someone that you were able to get up early for once. And then, you watch the encouraging smile fading off your friend’s face when it turns out that you didn’t mean 4 a.m. or something, but 7 o’clock.

9. On the other hand, you can stay up late in the evening. Others are already nodding after the evening movie when you start coming back to life, and start feeling that it’s time to rock-and-roll.

10. You find the title of the article insulting. The matter of fact is, you get up at the best time possible. It’s just that the world starts too early for you.