10 amazing ideas that will convince you not to throw away a used sponge

With a little creativity and skill, many used things around the home may be reused. If until now you threw away used dishwashing sponges, now you can find out how these can become helpful in various household tasks.

The first trick is both clever and useful. Cut the side of a sponge and insert a piece of solid soap. At contact with water, disinfectant foam will quickly form in the sponge, so you can clean your hands or any surface efficiently.

Place a wet sponge first in a plastic bag and then in the freezer. Frozen sponges can be used instead of ice packs in a portable cooler.

Plants will benefit greatly if you place a sponge at the bottom of the pot before adding soil. the sponge will absorb water and will maintain a favorable environment for the plant. You may also make small cuts in the sponge and fill them with seeds you would like to germinate.

Remove the abrasive layer of three used sponges and place them in a jar containing some nail polish remover. In this way you will always have at hand a device for removing nail polish. Also, a sponge placed under your wrist will provide a comfortable position when you spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Closing an envelope, holding needles or cleaning the grates of the oven are just some of the many other household uses in which a sponge will prove very useful.

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