Video: a mother’s solution to have her children get off electronic devices during dinner

Everyone has memories from those days when family meals really were about the family members enjoying the company of each other and paying attention to each other, happily eating and discussing the day’s events. After all, in many homes dinner is the only time of the day when the family can be together.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

But nowadays not even dinner time is special enough so we can resist the temptation to look at our mobile phone or use our tablets. Often the whole mealtime looks like a scene at an internet café, with everybody staring at screens, the only difference being that we sit at a table, facing each other.

If this unfortunate habit has crept into your family life, now you can find out about an immensely helpful solution, presented by the video below. The useful device looks like something you’ve seen many times before, but it can do way more than what it seems to be designed for.

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