The gymnasts start their exercise, fascinating the public with their skills all the way to the end

When several gymnasts merge their talents and join in an indestructible team, the result can only be amazing. This is the case of the extraordinarily talented five gymnasts participating in rhythmic gymnastics competitions under the banner of Spain.

The five young girls impress the audience from the very moment they enter onto the scene. Due to their impeccable attire, all eyes are directed towards them. Their performance is perfect, and every movement is executed with great timing to maintain a remarkable synchronization. Each gymnast is holding a pink ball that she handles with great skill, and the achieved effect is amazing!

The girls perfectly complement each other in their acrobatics, and this is greatly appreciated by the public who rewards them with rounds of applause. Their flexibility and the difficulty of the rhythmic gymnastics movements make the girls worthy to be the champions of the competition.

As you are watching the video, the gracefulness of these gymnasts gives you the impression that they are floating. No wonder that they are awarded with a very high score of 26.900 points (Difficulty: 9.000, Artistic Execution: 9.000, Technical Execution: 8.900), a score very close to perfection. The Spanish girls have been awarded with the first prize.

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