This simple idea will help you get rid of mice and rats easily

Most people freak out when they see a mouse or a rat, and yet many wouldn’t like to kill them, just to get rid of them. The video below shows how to set a trap for mice made from a piece of paper. With the aid of this contraption you can trap the animal easily and dispose of it without killing it.

This simple idea will help you get rid of mice and rats easily

Photo: Capture YouTube

For making the trap you will need a sheet of paper, some adhesive tape, paper glue, some bait and a garbage can.

How to prepare the trap

Roll up the sheet of paper to make a tunnel. Place the bait on one end of the roll. Use some greasy food or food that is rich in oil such as walnuts or peanuts. Place the tunnel on a table so half of it overhangs the margin of the table, with the bait placed at the overhanging end. Fasten the tunnel to the table with the tape and place a tall garbage can underneath the overhanging part. Pour some water into the can to make sure that the rodent won’t get out.

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