How to remove chemicals and preservatives sprayed on fruits and vegetables?

Fruit on the shelves of supermarkets is not naturally glossy. In fact, it is a trick used all over the world to spray fruit with a thin layer of wax, varnish, or some kind of resin coating, as this way the fruit will keep longer.

How to remove chemicals and preservatives sprayed on fruits and vegetables?

These preservatives are used not only on vegetables and fruit, but also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry – in fact in all areas where the main purpose is to keep the goods fresh and attractive-looking for as long as possible.

However, these artificial materials are not healthy at all, so it is important to try and eliminate it from our diet.

Be aware of what counts as an artificial preservative

If you have been instructed by your doctor to avoid the intake of preservatives in foods, you need to look at what is meant by artificial/chemical preservatives, and which are some of the natural preservatives. Surprisingly, salt, sugar and vinegar also have preservative properties, and despite the fact that some preservatives are believed to be artificial, they may also exist in a natural form. For example, sulphites in grapes convert grape juice into wine during the fermentation process, and sulphites are also found in wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar.

Wash fruit in plenty of lukewarm water

While the above-mentioned preservatives are internationally believed to be fully edible and not harmful to health, it is better to get rid of them before eating the fruit. By thorough scrubbing, we can get rid of the chemicals and also of microorganisms that cause food poisoning.

How to remove chemicals and preservatives sprayed on fruits and vegetables?

Peel the vegetables and fruit

Tons of vegetables and fruits produce a natural waxy protective layer that protects them from drying out and from other damage, but after harvesting this layer is washed off along with the impurities and replaced with other, artificial substances. That’s why it’s necessary to wash vegetables and fruit thoroughly, and if you want to be absolutely sure, you may peel the skin containing the thin layer of wax.

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