A quiet lunch at the food court transforms into a wonderful experience

As Christmas is approaching, we start shopping for gifts. Shopping centers fill up with people running around to find the best gifts for their loved ones. However, at a point everybody needs to sit down, enjoy a quiet lunch and gather their strength for the rest of the shopping spree. Those who were present at the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario, Canada could enjoy a wonderful surprise.

While everybody was enjoying their lunch, the first notes of a beautiful Christmas melody started playing, and a young woman stood up and started singing the famous intro of the Hallelujah Chorus. The clear soprano called the attention of everybody present, but by the time people started wondering what was going on, another man with a strong voice continued the song. Gradually more and more members of the Niagara Choir stood up and joined in singing, captivating the audience with their amazing voices.

The singers managed to transmit an extraordinary emotion to the audience. The reaction of people around was very different. Some were smiling; some had tears in their eyes, or even cried openly. These wonderful singers managed to create a truly exceptional moment for everybody.

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