Father goes onto the balcony with his daughters and he starts whistling. Something incredible happens!

If you have the chance to live in a natural area with rich vegetation and lots of animals and birds, then there is no doubt these creatures will become extremely friendly and will have no fear to approach you if you feed them and treat them kindly.

In a place surrounded by nature in Australia, a family enjoys the daily visits of many parrots, and the birds are so tame that they take food from their hands. The father goes onto the balcony with his daughters and he starts whistling.

At the beginning we might not understand why he is doing this, but after several moments we can see how parrots come flying to them from all directions, invading the terrace, and it becomes obvious that they know they are going to be offered food. We can now watch how parrots of all colors and sizes peck on the food that these people hold out to them. First they seem a little shy, but after a while more and more alight on the hands and shoulders of their hosts.

The gentleness of the humans makes these birds extremely friendly. Of course, there are exceptions, for example the white crested parrot seems to have some trust issues. Little by little so many birds arrive that the food runs out, so the father goes into the house to get some extra. As we are watching these adorable images, we cannot but think how wonderful it would be to spend every day in such an enchanting place.

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