Can this be the most emotional video clip of the year 2016?

The video is so beautiful that it has become viral in only a few minutes after it had been uploaded. The artist managed to create a short movie which is so emotional that all those who have seen it said that it is much more beautiful than the official Christmas video clip created by John Lewis.

Can this be the most emotional video clip of the year 2016?

The story depicts a lonely snowman blocked into a snow globe who notices somebody through the window. Their eyes meet, and the snowman starts dreaming about being free, getting out and playing in the snow.

He imagines that he offers her Christmas gifts, they hold hands and watch the sky, and that they’re standing side by side in a giant heart made from ice cubes. The days keep passing and the snowman becomes sadder and sadder each day because he knows he will never be able to leave the snow globe. But then he remembers to appreciate the moments, to be happy, to see the beautiful side of things, and in the end he starts smiling again.

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