A young man with a speech impediment who received a standing ovation at The Voice of Australia

Meet Harrison Craig, a young man of 18, who suffers from stuttering; however, he took the courage to stand up on the stage and surprise the audience in the most pleasant way possible.


This youngster wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming well known and appreciated in the whole world for his interpretive talent, and he managed to obtain an overwhelming success. Harrison signed up to compete at The Voice of Australia last year, and he conquered everybody’s admiration with his voice and talent.

The reaction of the jury is self-explanatory: every member wants to have him in their team. Seal’s discourse was so emotionally charged that he made the young competitor decide to join his team.

In the embedded video, you can watch Harrison interpreting Josh Groban’s song ”Broken Vow”, which has already been viewed about 4 and half million times on YouTube.

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