A very unique interpretation of the song “Hallelujah”

Music speaks to us without words through the strings of the violin and the keys of the piano. When these two kinds of instruments are played together in such harmony, the result is enchanting.

The famous song “Hallelujah” composed by Leonard Cohen has been interpreted by many artists in many ways, but this one stands out by its great emotional value.

Violinist Rob Landers and piano player Aubrey Pitcher demonstrate that this very emotional song can be just as touching if only played on musical instruments than when it is interpreted vocally. Both musicians have the ability to enrich the interpretation of the other one.

Rob Lens was born in a famous family of musicians and he started playing at the very young age of three. Later on, he performed in many solo concerts or as a member of the Los Angeles symphonic orchestra. His performance in the video impresses and makes us emotional at the same time.

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