It’s been 28 years since this dance song has become an all-time favorite

Chorando Se Foi, or Lambada, as it has become widely known, is one of the songs that moved the feet of millions of people worldwide. Even today, nobody can resist the passionate rhythm, and as soon as the song starts, one wants to run on the dance floor at once.

It's been 28 years since this dance song has become an all-time favorite

Lambada is a super-production of the group Kaoma, was sold in 15 million copies in over 100 countries and became gold and platinum disk 80 times. The warm voice of Loalwa Braz Vieira and the very special dance became a favorite along with the tiny skirt, which became fashionable after the video clip was launched.

Loalwa was born in Rio de Janeiro in a family of musicians. Her father was the conductor of a symphonic orchestra that played traditional Brazilian songs, and her mother was a piano player. The girl was surrounded by music from a young age, and her beautiful voice has been well trained.

Unfortunately Loalwa was found dead in her burned-out car outside Rio on January 19, 2007. However, her memory will be kept alive by her rich musical repertoire.

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